What is the difference between electrosurgery and thermal cautery?

When using thermal cautery, the cautery tip is heated to very high temperatures and then placed against the tissue. The high levels of transferred heat cause destruction to occur. When using electrosurgical equipment, the tip, rather than being heated, simply delivers high frequency current to the tissue. Destruction is then caused by the current entering the tissue.

Do you sell thermal cautery electrodes for discontinued cautery units?

The Reusable Tips or Thermalite Disposable Tips fit the Geiger Model 100 unit. We also manufacture and repair thermal cautery tips for the discontinued National Units as well as for the Geiger models 300 and 400. If you have a need not mentioned, please call us.

What is the difference between the reusable and the disposable electrodes?

ThermaLite disposable electrodes have hollow brass shanks for faster heating compared to the solid shaft reusable tips. Both types have the same high quality platinum tips.

Are the cautery tips and handpiece supplied sterile?

All tips are non-sterile. The reusable electrodes and handpiece may be autoclaved.

How many times can I autoclave the tips and the handpiece?

The 250 handpiece has been tested to 15 autoclave cycles at 250°F (121°C) for 20 minutes and the reusable tips have been tested to 20 autoclave cycles at 250°F (121°C) for 20 minutes.

Where can I obtain service for my Geiger equipment?

All repairs are performed at our corporate headquarters. Please contact us for shipping instructions prior to sending your equipment.

What is the warranty on my Geiger product?

The TCU and Smoke Evacuator have a 1 year warranty on parts and labor. The TCU handpiece and reusable tips have 90 day warranties.

Where do I find pricing?

For pricing, please contact one of our authorized distributors. You may also contact us directly for list prices.