Sterilization Instructions

The Cautery Handpiece and Cautery Electrode may be autoclaved according to the instructions below.

Separate the electrode from the Handpiece prior to autoclaving and use aseptic procedures when handling and sterilizing both items.

  1. Use aseptic procedures when handling and sterilizing the handpiece/electrode.
  2. Wipe and remove all debris present on the handpiece/electrode.
  3. Place the handpiece/electrode in an autoclavable pouch or wrapped cloth.
  4. Steam sterilize for a period of 20 minutes at 250°F (121°C), or consult an appropriate nationally recognized standard for sterilizing medical instrumentation. Do not flash autoclave or exceed 250°F.
  5. Allow the handpiece/electrode to cool for 30 minutes prior to use.
  6. Inspect the handpiece/electrode after sterilization for damage. If the handpiece/electrode has deteriorated or cracked, or severe discoloration or damage has occurred, discard the handpiece/electrode.

CAUTION: Do not use liquid sterilizing solutions with the Geiger TCU or accessories, as the potential for material damage exists.