Faster Heat-Up Time!

Thermalites Left to right: 210T, 212 and 214

ThermaLites® have the quality of reusable with the convenience of disposable.

These disposable electrodes, specifically designed for the Geiger TCU®, have a hollow brass shank that allows the tips to heat up faster than the reusable TCU tips.

ThermaLites fit handles for both TCU Model 150 and the original Geiger Cautery Model 100.

Tips made from a palladium alloy. Non-sterile. Box of 10.

Item # Description
210T ThermaLite Disposable Tips, Loop, Box of 10
212 ThermaLite Disposable Tips, Angled Loop, Box of 10
214 ThermaLite Disposable Tips, Fine Tip, Box of 10

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